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iXpress: Spoken English Program

spoken english program

In today’s world when we are all global citizens and the boundaries between the countries are shrinking, it is important to interact with each other.Therefore English has become a language of communication.

Language proficiency has become a measure of success in most of the areas of work, thereby we recognise the importance of acquiring this skill.

Our English Program "iXpress" is specially designed to acquire English As A Second Language. Every learner is at a different learning level of the language development. The program identifies the learning level of the learner and to engage them with the language development activities.

Language acquisition happens in stages therefore we adopt the step wise approach to acquire it. Anybody who is engaged with the program walks up the ladder.

At each level the course offers the learners to:

  • Audio-Visuals related to the situations
  • Listening and speaking opportunities.
  • Understanding the grammar and the sentence structures.
  • Using the vocabulary actively in context.

Benefits of ’iXpress’

The program guarantees:

  • Improvement in spoken English
  • Increased vocabulary
  • Well-groomed personality
  • Confidence in public speaking
  • Proper usage of grammar
  • Development of thinking skills
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