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Say-Redefining Learning

School Project

School ProjectThe school transformation projects are taken up for existing schools and new schools. The turn-key solutions are provided for efficient working of the school.

Scope of work
Defining The Philosophy
  • Designing the logo, vision and mission basis the thought of the school management and market acceptance.
  • Defining the philosophy aligned to the latest research in the field of education.
  • Suggesting the name of the school in tandem with the philosophy and positioning of the school.
  • Defining the curriculum of the school basis the philosophy.
  • Creating the academic planners.
  • Defining the program aligned to the age group being catered to.
  • Defining the activities to teach.
  • Suggesting in-school and after-school activities.
Planning Learning
  • Planning the learning spaces inside the classroom- interactive boards, furniture designs to suit the learners’ need.
  • Setting up the laboratories, library, play area.
  • Planning spaces outside the classrooms-motor development, reading corners, open spaces and the corridors to support learning.
  • Designing the activity centres in accordance to the curriculum and the philosophy of the school.
Training And Development
  • Shortlisting and hiring the faculty.
  • Training the teachers.
  • Training the teachers to create the aligned worksheets and appropriate delivery of the curriculum.
  • Training the other staff related to client servicing.
  • Mentoring and coaching the teachers.
  • Conducting parent workshops.
Designing Formats Providing formats of the following:
  • Enquiry form
  • Application form
  • Academic Calendar
  • Time Table
  • Parent Feedback Form
  • Teacher Observation Form
  • Student Report Format
  • Almanac Design
Establishing Quality Process
  • Defining the process for teacher recruitment.
  • Creating training handbook.
  • Creating jobs and responsibility document of the faculty; centre head, mentors, support staff, marketing team etc.
  • Defining admission procedure.
  • Defining assessment process.
  • Health and safety document.
  • School audit is conducted
  • Quality check processes are established
Marketing Creation of
  • Website
  • Prospectus
  • Brochures
  • Fliers
  • Parent Handbook
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