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Say-Redefining Learning

Teacher Training Courses

teacher and leadership training

Need For Teacher Training

The teachers need training on:

  • facilitation and communication
  • usage of new methodologies/approaches in teaching and learning
  • better classroom management
  • visible motivation and attitudinal change
  • experiential delivery of concepts
  • innovative teaching methodologies
  • understanding learners and learning styles
  • assessments in teaching

Certification In Teaching Excellence

  • The program aims to bring a change in the classrooms, therefore we propose to train the teaching fraternity for better classroom transactions.
  • The recommended batch size is from 25-30 teachers in a group.
  • The batches are formed basis the classes which the teachers handle and their subject expertise.
  • The qualifying candidate gets certified by NSDC
  • This training course will ensure that
  • the teachers deliver quality lessons in the classrooms.
  • the students are engaged and are curious to learn more.

Our Training Modules

Our Methodology

Our methodology includes:

  • Face-To-Face Training
  • Research Assignments
  • Practice Sessions

We work on the ASK model

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