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Curio is a comprehensive theme based kindergarten curriculum which aims for holistic development of the little learners. The program encompasses three levels which ensure all the learners in the kindergarten experience the same themes and methodology. The pre-primary curriculum ‘Curio’ is based on ‘Inquiry-based learning’ approach which reflects the best practices of key early years’ theorists like Maria Montessori, Reggia Emilia, Piaget, Vygotsky. We completely believe in the children’s ability to explore the world. The curiosity in their little minds will help them explore their surroundings and learn by themselves. It will promote the creative thinking and problem-solving skills in the children. The teacher only act as a support to help these children soar high.

Our Methodology

The methodology targets to develop six developmental domains and develops language, mathematical, scientific, creative, personal, social and emotional skills. In order to achieve the developmental milestones in the early years, curio is divided into various themes across the academic session. Activities are intensively planned on the basis of various themes:
  • Know the Curio Kid
  • Curio in the Garden
  • Curio in the Neighbourhood
  • Curio Explores the World
  • Curio Loves the Universe

Our Approach

Curio is based on the inquiry-based learning approach.
The Curio curriculum follows the Inquiry based approach which is based on the natural learning behaviour of a human being. These learning stages are as follows:
  • Enquire - As curiosity in children is obvious, the curio curriculum is planned in a way which draws the child’s attention and encourages them to enquire.
  • Explore – This curiosity then urges the child to look into clues and explore facts in order to resolve their curiosity. The curriculum encourages the child to explore the facts through experiments and enormous exposure.
  • Establish - The experiments and exploring of the concepts ultimately leads the child to establish facts and learnings. Now they have developed a new learning in their minds. The curriculum provides a guided assistance to the child in order to enable them to learn in a well- guided manner.
  • Express – Once the child learns a concept, it becomes necessary to express that learning and implement it in their daily life. The curriculum provides enormous practice and exercises to help the child express their learnings and implement them in their daily lives.

This approach helps to:
  • Focus on children to discover independently or as members of a group.
  • Encourage asking questions, experiments, use trial and error, discuss, and evaluate.
  • Assist the children to find their own answers rather than just learn facts.
  • Promote creative thinking and problem-solving skills in the children. They can ask their own questions and find their own answers.

Levels of the Curriculum

Curio is a four levelled program addressing the needs of the complete section of kindergarten. The four levels are:
  • Level 1 – Toddlers
  • Level 2 – Nursery
  • Level 3 – LKG
  • Level 4 - UKG

The Curio Kit

The Curio kit comprises of:
  • 1. Teacher Kit
  • 2. Student Kit

1. Teacher Kit - The teacher kit includes the following:
  • Subject –Wise Academic Planners
  • Month – Wise Syllabus Plan
  • Co-Curricular Calendar
  • Weekly Planners to assist teachers in delivering the curriculum
  • Audio Visual support

2. Student Kit – The student kit includes theme based worksheets which have:
  • Theme sheets
  • Reading sheets
  • Life-Skill sheets
  • Story of the month
  • Conversation sheets
  • Vocab sheets
  • Practice worksheets for home assignments

The students are assessed on regular basis with the help of:
  • Revision worksheets
  • Assessment worksheets

Teacher Training & Support

'A teacher with a high level of perception can make children blossom and one with the lack of it can ruin the seed'.

We must understand that no tools will work unless the most important component of the education machinery, the teachers are well trained and well groomed.

The teachers undergo training and empowerment programs to develop their understanding of early childhood education. The teachers are trained at regular interval to develop their skills for effective curriculum delivery. These trainings are conducted by experts, who share their learning and experiences thereby imparting practical sessions to the teachers.

There is continuous support and coaching which enables them to adopt 21st century skills of being a Curio facilitator. The coach visits the school on regular basis to handhold the process of curriculum delivery in the classrooms.

Home Connect

At Curio, we firmly believe that parents contribute a lot in the development of their children. Therefore continuous workshops/ parents guidance sessions are provided to ensure this collaboration.

Parent Handout is an important document which is a part of the curio curriculum and is provided on a monthly basis to the parents. It is meant for keeping the parents updated about what is being taught in a particular month. Various activities are suggested for the parents to enrich the concept development of the learners. Specific instructions have been provided for parents for their involvement in the teaching-learning process that can strengthen the related concepts in their child. Hence it develops a healthy association between the child, the teacher and the parent.

Curio- The Kindergarten Curriculum

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