Where learning translates to Skills

‘Skills And You’ Teacher Empowerment Programs are certified by NSDC. At Skills And You, we understand the need of training the teachers for quality delivery of curriculum in the schools. The teachers form the pivot of the entire ecosystem, therefore, their training and empowerment ensure engagement in classrooms. Skills And You is running Certification In Teaching Excellence to impart 21st Century skills to the teachers. Certification in teaching excellence is the flagship program run by Skills And You.

Our Flagship Programme

Certification In Teaching Excellence

Module 1- Teacher As A Facilitator

Attitude: Appreciation

Skills: Communication

Knowledge: Emotional Quotient/Principles Of Learning

Module 2- Instructional Techniques, Tools And Strategies

Attitude: Adaptability

Skills: Innovation And Creation

Knowledge: Teaching Learning Strategies/Lesson Planning

Module 3- Teaching In Action

Attitude: Open-mindedness

Skills: Facilitation

Knowledge: Lesson Design

Module 4- Interactive And Creative Classrooms

Attitude: Managing Change

Skills: Integrating Technology/Teaching Learning Material

Knowledge: Creative and Critical Thinking Strategies/Flipped Classrooms

Module 5- Understanding Assessments

Attitude: Curiosity

Skills: Questioning

Knowledge: Bloom’s Taxonomy/Higher Order Thinking Strategies

Module 6- Revisiting Tools And Strategies

Attitude: Perseverance

Skills: Research

Knowledge: Subject Knowledge / Group Dynamics

Module 7 And 8- Subject Enrichment

Attitude: Positive Approach

Skills: Critical Thinking

Knowledge: Curriculum Progression/Subject Specific Strategies

Our Methodology

The trainings work on ASK model of teacher, thereby
Enhancing the teacher competence

The ASK model not only empowers them to know about the latest development and researches in the field of education, but also equips them to practically implement the strategies in the classroom.